US space mission: US military’s X-37B space plane left on intelligence mission, know when it was launched

US intelligence missions: A US military space plane left for another secret mission on Thursday (December 28). According to media reports, the United States sent its X-37B space plane for this special mission. It is believed that this mission will continue for at least the next two years.

According to the media, the American plane that was supposed to take off two weeks ago, but due to technical problems, managed to take off on Thursday. This plane, which looks like a space shuttle, will carry out numerous intelligence missions. The X-37B spaceplane lifted off on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Before this mission, I had gone to space 6 times.

The launch had to be postponed several times

There are no astronauts on board. Authorities have not given any information on how long this plane will remain in space. Before this, not even the United States had clarified what the purpose of this mission was. Previously this launch was going to take place in the second week of December but was postponed. Each time the reason for the postponement of the launch was bad weather.

The Chinese plane also left on an intelligence mission

This American aircraft has been flying since 2010. Before this, the X-37B had been in space for about two and a half years. However, this time this aircraft is expected to remain on mission for a longer period. The Boeing-made X-37B looks like NASA’s retired space shuttle. Does not require any astronaut. It is noteworthy that that same month China, a rival of the United States, also launched its spacecraft and also called it a secret mission, but China only said that its test plane was reusable.

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