United States on the Houthi attack: War in the Red Sea! The United States thwarts the attack by the Houthi rebels and shoots down dozens of drones and missiles

US on Houthi attack: The US military has shot down more than a dozen drones and several missiles fired by Houthi rebels based in the Red Sea. The Pentagon gave this information on Tuesday (December 26). However, there was no damage to the Houthi ships nor was anyone injured during this attack. According to an AFP report, the Pentagon’s Central Command said in a social media post that 12 drones, 3 anti-ship ballistic missiles and two surface-to-surface attack missiles were shot down during the 10-hour operation.

Houthi rebels attacked a ship in the Red Sea with a missile in support of Gaza. During this, he issued a statement saying that he had begun an operation to attack commercial ships in support of Gaza. Following this, they attacked several commercial ships, including a ship arriving in Gujarat, India. The Houthis began these attacks after the war between Israel and Hamas that began on October 7. Houthi rebels say they will attack Israel and any ships that support them to stop the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army thwarted the attack.
Earlier on Tuesday, the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) had said sounds of an explosion were heard near the port of Hodeida, on Yemen’s western coast. During this time numerous missiles were seen and, according to the British Maritime Authority, two further explosions occurred near a ship near Hodeidah on Tuesday.

Egyptian state media said explosions were also heard off the coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday. The Israeli military said an Air Force fighter jet thwarted an airstrike carried out by the enemy side in the Red Sea area. All of these attacks were being carried out towards Israeli territory.

Houthi rebels carried out more than 100 drone attacks
According to the Pentagon, the Houthi rebels have so far carried out a total of more than 100 drone and missile attacks, targeting 10 merchant ships from more than 35 different countries. These attacks pose a threat to the maritime trade route, through which 12 percent of the world’s trade goods move from one place to another


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